was a best weekend in Portimao, a great thanks for organization this trip we want to tell:
Bruno Rožkalns: for the Best travel agency owner !
Garijs Rožkalns: for the Best training at track !
RehmRaceDays crew: for the Best crew and trackday organizer !
Dmitrijs Koptenkovs, Garijs Rožkalns: for the Best truck driver !
Jānis Zemītis: Just Best tir man !
Aleksandrs Merzlovs: Turbo man, improve time by 23 sek
Artūrs Kurnajevs: Fastest rider of the team (6th place in the tace”)

Jānis Zemītis, Artūrs Kurnajevs, Aleksandrs Merzlovs: – for the wonderful company in this trip and trackday !
We are glad that You have chosen our “Travel Agency” 🙂
See You in next trip

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Portimao wait us – we coming ! part 2nd

Portimao (Portugal) vom 09.11. bis 11.11.2016

with best organizator #RehmRaceDays and #BrunoMoto

Crazy holidays with BrunoMoto in Portimao 🙂

From 17.11.2017 to 19.11.2017 You can find us in #Portimao
All places – reserved !




#130 Semi-Pro Garijs Rožkalns



Moto training 01.08. @333 is cancelled due to weather condition !

The event (TrackDay & 2h Endurance 06.08.2017)  was cancelled due to the lack of participants.
All received payments will be returned !

Registration finished
We wait You tommorow !

Hi to all participants !
We inform You that the our event “BrunoMoto TrackDay & 2h Endurance” will be !!!
The weather is ordered,  must be the sun 🙂
Race and Enjoy
We are waiting for you on the track


Due to technical reasons, the TrackDay was moved from 1 to 2 July
We ask everyone to re-register to confirm their participation.
For those who did not manage or could not re-register on time, if the condition is included in the track, the price will be taken at the initial rate.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the postponement of the track, and the re-registration.

See you on the track!

Additional info about Endurance 2h:
1) Endurance 2h – is a 120min moto training.
2) Starting procedure: from box (pitline), w/o startlight procedure; Organizer make a 2 warming lap with all participants, after-organizer drives to pit , and when pilots cross start/finish line – starting Endurance 2h.
3) How to start in BrunoMoto Endurance 2h:
2 riders, 2 motorcycles and only 1 laptimer !
– must be full racing equipments (helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, pants or suite)
– 1 pitstop is obligatory, at pitstop laptimer must be replaced to second motorcycle
– motorcycle must be prepared for the Endurance 2h (full fuel tank, checked tire pressure, oil level)
4) about flags:
– green: track is free
– yellow: no overtaken until green flag
– yellow/red strip: some fluids/oil on track
– red: race is stopped
– blue: skip a requirement
– black: penalty
more info about race flags here
5) Endurance 2h restart or not/restart after red flag: if total time from Endurance 2h start is more than 80 min (65%) Endurance 2h not restarted. Rules maybe changed according situation at site, which is regulated from organizer!


Event start: 09:00
Session start: 10:00 Track:
Price: 60.00€ with registration; 70.00€ on a site
Endurance 2h Race, start from box @16:00

Congratulation: BrunoRacingTeam 1st place in BatCC stage#2 in Audru Ring

1st pilot: Garijs Rožkalns

2nd pilot: Andris Kronītis

Chief: Bruno Rožkalns