TrackDay Registration 06-08-2017

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Participation in 2h Endurance

65.00€ registering online till 01.08.2017; 95.00€ payment on site

Rēķins / Invoice. To confirm your participation please make an invoice payment !


Additional info about Endurance 2h:
1) Endurance 2h – is a 120min moto training.
2) Starting procedure: from box (pitline), w/o startlight procedure; Organizer make a 2 warming lap with all participants, after-organizer drives to pit , and when pilots cross start/finish line – starting Endurance 2h.
3) How to start in BrunoMoto Endurance 2h:
2 riders, 2 motorcycles and only 1 laptimer !
– must be full racing equipments (helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, pants or suite)
– 1 pitstop is obligatory, at pitstop laptimer must be replaced to second motorcycle
– motorcycle must be prepared for the Endurance 2h (full fuel tank, checked tire pressure, oil level)
4) about flags:
– green: track is free
– yellow: no overtaken until green flag
– yellow/red strip: some fluids/oil on track
– red: race is stopped
– blue: skip a requirement
– black: penalty
more info about race flags here
5) Endurance 2h restart or not/restart after red flag: if total time from Endurance 2h start is more than 80 min (65%) Endurance 2h not restarted. Rules maybe changed according situation at site, which is regulated from organizer!

Time table:

08:30-09:30 Registration

09:50 Driver Brifing

10:00-10:20         A Group

09:20-09:40         B Group

09:40-10:00         C Group

10:00-10:20         A Group

10:20-10:40         B Group

10:40-11:00         C Group

11:00-11:20         A Group

11:20-11:40         B Group

11:40-12:00         C Group

12:00-12:40         Lunch

12:40-13:00         A Group

13:00-13:20         B Group

13:20-13:40         C Group

13:40-14:00         A Group

14:00-14:20         B Group

14:20-14:40         C Group

14:40-15:00         A Group

15:00-15:20         B Group

15:20-15:40         C Group

16:00-18:00         2h Endurance

A Group – Fast Drivers

B Group – Medium Drivers

C Group – Slow Drivers